Knowledge resource and connector of and for clinicians and emerging healthcare technology.

Transforming healthcare delivery demands genuine collaboration. No one role group or discipline holds all the answers. By partnering with technology companies, universities, and design firms, we’re able to consult a variety of subject matter experts for our projects.

MGH is a big place. Think of us as your ‘Innovation Navigators’ – whether you’re an internal innovator looking for support or an external group looking for guidance on a project.

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Digital health startup database and point of contact for pitching ideas for collaboration

What it is

+ A collaborative startup screening process between BWH, MGH, and PHS

+ Digital health network for PHS & collaborative opportunity starter

Why we do it

+ To clarify the point of contact and process when interacting with BWH & MGH

+ To address digital health pain points in BWH & MGH

+ Foster a digital health community between ?BWH & MGH

How it works

1. Initial startup screening

2. Initial startup review

3. Joint BWH-MGH-PHS startup screening

Digital Health Accelerators


Lighter team with HTL Innovation Manager

HTL liaises with the local digital health scene in order to curate the highest quality startups for collaboration within the hospital. MassChallenge HealthTech, the digital health arm of the MassChallenge accelerator, is one of our collaborators. HTL has been a Champion since the inaugural year. As a Champion, we connect with start-ups through mutual matchmaking and provide 6 months of mentorship.

The startups we mentored for Spring 2019 were:

  • Lighter – Builds the technology that supports the journey of planning, cooking, shopping and eating healthfully through powerful sleek software.
  • Signum – Provides education through HD videos and animations with comprehensive descriptions of medical procedures and obtains patient consent.

Lighter and SIGNUM are both currently set to pilot at MGH in Spring 2020 as a result of relationships built during the mentoring process.

Harvard iLab

Harvard iLab Director Mike Fenn's talk on how HTL collaborates with the Harvard i-lab